Comparison of Several RONTEN Human Skull Models


Ronten Life Size Durable & Accurate Human Skull Model, The Best Stuff You Were Looking For To Fill Up Your Bookshelf!


 It can be disassembled into 3-part: Calvaria, Base of Skull, and Mandible. A perfect tool for the medical human skull structure learner.The teeth are separated, same as real one, in ceramic white color.Size: 240mmx140mmx165mm/ 7.2x4.2x4.95inchs; Weighs about 2.2lb. you can learn more here:Ronten White Human Skull Model


RONTEN Human Skull Anatomical Model

RONTEN Human Skull Model, Life Size Medical Anatomy Anatomical Adult Model with Removable Skull Cap and Articulated Mandible, Full Set of Teeth,7.2x4.2x4.95in


Human Colored Skull Model Life Size Exploded Anatomical Model Detachable Skull Model


This is colored skull model . Detachable 22-partskull model: 7.67*5.9*5.11 inches . Includes 22 parts. Has mandible and skull cap, including holes, sockets, tubes, and a complete set of human teeth. It includes the paired maxilla, zygomatic, nasal, lacrimal, palatine, and turbinate bones, and the unpaired vomer, mandible, and hyoid bones, which form the orbital and nasal cavities, the bony scaffolding of the mouth and face.

and it is perfect tool for teaching and study: Easy to reassemble, each pair of bones and bones is painted a unique bright color for quick identification by the instruction manual.This medical skeleton model can be used in hospitals, doctor's office, or anatomy class. An ideal human anatomy skeleton model for anyone in education or medical field.Our mini size human skeleton was made in non-toxic PVC material, tasteless,easyly to clean. Able to be washed and the material will last for many can learn more here:Human Colored Skull Model

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