RONTEN Dental Care Model Function

The oral cavity is one of the main ways for pathogenic microorganisms to invade the human body. The temperature, humidity and food residues of the oral cavity are suitable for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. disease. In order to meet the needs of human oral health care and clinical teaching nursing, We has developed oral and dental care health care models for everyone to use.

Scope of Application:
1. Clinical teaching in medical universities, nursing schools, medical schools

2. Continuing education for medical staff and nursing staff in the hospital, teaching demonstrations and practical operation training for trainees.

3. Parents can also teach their children at home, explain the child's tooth structure, and the correct brushing method

Model Function:
1. The dental health care model is mainly composed of gums, upper and lower teeth, tongue, upper waist and lower jaw

2. Make appreciation to understand the shape of teeth and the relationship between teeth and gums, which can be used as a demonstration of oral hygiene and health care

3. Basic health units, nursing home clinical medicine training

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