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#Featured On RONTEN

Life Size Human Skull Model

The skull model consists of three parts. the movable skull (cranium), the articulating mandible (jawbone), and the base of the skull part show grooves, grooves, and depressions formed by the brain and various meningeal blood vessels, bone landmarks, bone texture, coronal sutures, herringbone sutures, and sagittal sutures.It is washable and the material will last for years.

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The human heart model is an anatomically correct representation of the human heart. The model features a removable heart wall to display internal structures, exposing the hollow cavity of the heart and the anatomical structures that border and intersect between the muscular heart walls. The model’s removable heart wall contains raised and colored vasculature against the muscle.

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Life Size Skeleton Model

The skeleton model is the height of human size and 70.8"(180cm). It contains the skull, spine, sternum, pelvis, upper limbs, lower limbs and other major skeletal structures, and other parts of the body are also consistent. It is manufactured from high grade quality durable plastic materials, which can be drilled, sanded, stained or painted, washed.Arms and legs are removable for individual study.

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