RONTEN 11 inch Teaching Model Torso Human Body Model Anatomy Model
15 Body Parts:  It comes with 15 parts, this removable human torso model demonstrates some vital organs. This human anatomy torso model Includes:1. Brain(2 parts), skull cap2. Torso3. Heart, Liver,4. Esophagus trachea and aorta5. Diaphragm6. Respiratory: lung (4 parts),7. Digestive:...
$59.98 $31.98
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RONTEN New Human Torso Body Model Anatomy Models Removable 15 Parts
Human Torso Body Model Detachable Into 15 Parts: The human torso model includes 15 human organs, including the torso, brain (2), heart, esophagus, trachea and aorta, lungs (4), skull, stomach, diaphragm, liver, pancreas, spleen, and intestinal tract. Feature: Detachable Design:...
$97.99 $65.99
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RONTEN Life-Size Human Brain Anatomical Model Colored Brain Model
8 parts of the brain : The model consists of 8 parts of the brain sagittal section, cerebral hemisphere, cerebellum, and brainstem, showing the cerebral hemisphere, diencephalon, cerebellum, brainstem midbrain, pons, medulla oblongata, cranial nerves, etc. The human brain model...
$65.98 $43.98
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RONTEN 2 Times Life-Size Brain Model Anatomical Model Detachable Medical Brain Supplement Model
2 Times Life Size Brain Model: A human brain model with twice the life-size, using 9 colors to mark different areas, and with markers, you can identify the functions of different areas of the brain. Feature: Easy to disassemble and...
$189.99 $119.99
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RONTEN Human Heart Model Life Size Anatomically Medical Heart Model
It with Detailed Study Guide and Base Stand : The heart model is an anatomically correct representation of the human heart. The model features a removable heart wall to display internal structures, exposing the hollow cavity of the heart and...
$52.99 $36.99
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RONTEN 6X Enlarged Human Eye Anatomical Model Accurate Eye Model
Contain Seven Parts : The upper and lower parts of the eye, the cornea, the iris, the lens, the vitreous, and the support. The sclera and part of the choroid musculature can also be observed.The anatomical model of the eyeball...
$59.98 $31.98
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RONTEN Dental Tooth Brushing Model 6 Times Enlarged with Giant Brush
Dental Teeth Model with Toothbrush : The dental tooth model with a toothbrush provides a magnified study of the human mouth and teeth. This model is enlarged to offer a high-quality display of the oral cavity and to be used...
$54.99 $26.99
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RONTEN Dental Teeth Model Adult Anatomical Teeth Model with 28 Teeth Detachable Teeth
Teeth Model with 28 Teeth Detachable Teeth: In the life-size dental teeth model, the mouth can be opened, and the inside of the mouth can be observed more intuitively. The edges of the teeth are smooth, which can be safely...
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RONTEN Inner Ear Model 8X Life Size Inner Ear Labyrinth And Incised Cochlear Cover Model
8X Life-Size Inner Ear Model:It consists of two parts: the inner ear model is composed of the inner ear labyrinth, including the bony labyrinth and the membrane labyrinth, the incised cochlear cover, the semicircle and the vestibular opening showing the...
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RONTEN Human Female Uterus Ovary Model Anatomical Bilateral Ovarian Uterus Model
Uterus Ovary Anatomical Model : This model shows the female internal reproductive anatomy in detail, including ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina and Bartholin glands, etc. It shows the three-layer structure of the uterus, the uterine cavity and vagina, the fornix,...
$48.99 $28.99
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RONTEN Human Uterus and Ovary Model Pathological Uterus Anatomical Model
Pathological Uterus Anatomical Model: The life-size model, divided into 2 pieces along the front, shows important diseases in the female reproductive system. Including intramural, serosal, submucosal, and broad ligament fibroids and other uterine fibroids tumors are shown in the appropriate...
$46.95 $25.95
RONTEN Human Half Head Superficial Neurovascular Model Anatomical Head Model
Half Head Superficial Neurovascular Model : This half-head model is a great addition to medical classrooms and offices. Including exposed superficial facial muscles, superficial blood vessels of the face and scalp, medial nerves and structures of the parotid gland and...
$98.99 $74.99
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RONTEN Human Nasal Cavity Throat Anatomical Medical Teaching Model
Professional Human Nasal Cavity Throat Model : This model shows the internal structure of the mouth, nose, pharynx, and larynx as well as structures such as cerebrovascular and cranial nerves. and with a digital mark.This anatomical model human nasal cavity...
$66.98 $42.98
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RONTEN Life Size Female Pelvis Model Flexible Female Anatomy Model
Life Size Female Pelvis Model: Pelvis anatomical model is of life-size, about 9.6x6.7x6.7 Inches. This pelvis anatomy model shows the structure of a female pelvis in life-size dimensions. The special plastic used to construct the model ensures realistic surface structure...
$68.99 $42.99
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RONTEN Female Pelvis Model with Organs Pelvic Floor Muscles and Reproductive Organs and Removable Organs
Female Pelvis Model with Muscle:This female pelvis shows anatomically accurate features, including the left and right innominate (hip) pelvic bones (ischium, ilium, and pubis), sacrum, coccyx and symphysis pubis, acetabulum, obturator foramen, pelvic floor muscles, and female pelvic organs. Includes...
$88.95 $58.95
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RONTEN Muscle Model 1 Pound Muscle Model That Simulates Real Muscle Tissue
The Human Muscle Model :simulates the muscle tissue formed by movement, with a more realistic touch, similar to real human tissue. And the muscles feel stronger, making you feel like you are touching real human tissue.Feature:High Quality: Made of high-quality...
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RONTEN Human Body 1 lb Fat Anatomy Model for Anatomy Class Display Stay Healthy Weight Loss Motivation Reminder
Feature: Made of Eco-Friendly Materials: The 1lb human fat anatomy model is made of non-toxic eco-friendly thermoplastic material, simulating real human adipose tissue.The soft fat model, 1 pound body fat model is soft and slightly greasy to the touch and...
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