RONTEN Human Body 1 lb Fat Anatomy Model for Anatomy Class Display Stay Healthy Weight Loss Motivation Reminder
Feature: Made of Eco-Friendly Materials: The 1lb human fat anatomy model is made of non-toxic eco-friendly thermoplastic material, simulating real human adipose tissue.The soft fat model, 1 pound body fat model is soft and slightly greasy to the touch and...
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RONTEN 11 inch Teaching Model Torso Human Body Model Anatomy Model
15 Body Parts:  It comes with 15 parts, this removable human torso model demonstrates some vital organs. This human anatomy torso model Includes:1. Brain(2 parts), skull cap2. Torso3. Heart, Liver,4. Esophagus trachea and aorta5. Diaphragm6. Respiratory: lung (4 parts),7. Digestive:...
$59.98 $31.98
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RONTEN 15.5" Human Mini Spine Model Mini Vertebral Column Model
Mini Human Spine Model: This anatomically detailed mini spinal column model includes the squama occipitalis and pelvis. The miniature vertebral column is flexibly mounted for demonstration of natural human movement and pathological changes to the spine and comes with a...
$45.95 $29.98
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RONTEN 17.7" Mini Size Human Skeleton Model Anatomical Skeleton Model
17.7" Mini Size Human Skeleton Model : This mini skeleton is sure to be your go-to table skeleton for your basic science education. At 17.7" tall, It is intuitive for system or regional anatomy.This model beautifully depicts the skeletal structure...
$36.99 $24.49
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RONTEN 2 Times Life-Size Brain Model Anatomical Model Detachable Medical Brain Supplement Model
2 Times Life Size Brain Model: A human brain model with twice the life-size, using 9 colors to mark different areas, and with markers, you can identify the functions of different areas of the brain. Feature: Easy to disassemble and...
$189.99 $119.99
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RONTEN 31" Human Flexible Spine Model Life Size Spinal Cord Model
Life-Size Spine Model : This human vertebrae model is a detailed, 31inch long spinal model with the pelvis, sacrum, and femur heads, vertebral artery, all nerve branches, and a herniated lumbar disc. Include representations of the vertebral arteries, spinal nerve...
$118.99 $76.99
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RONTEN 33.5" Human Skeleton Model 1/2 Life Size Skeleton Anatomy Model with Painted and Muscle Origins and Ends Points
1/2 Life-Size Anatomical Skeleton Model:The small human skeleton model is 33.5 inches high, made with half of the life-size skeleton as the standard, with precise details, it is a very suitable skeleton model for teaching, learning, and display.Feature:With muscle starting...
$125.99 $69.99
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RONTEN 34" Human Spine Model Life Size Spinal Cord Model Anatomical Spine Model
34 inch Life-Size Spine Model : Our spine model shows the main features of each part of the spine, including the occiput, 24 vertebrae, sacrum, coccyx, left and right hip bones, pubis, left and right femoral heads, removable left and...
$118.99 $75.98
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RONTEN 67" Complete Disarticulated Human Skeleton Model Life Size Human Skeleton Anatomy Model
Complete Disarticulated Skeleton : Our disarticulated bone model is very complete, there are 206 bones in total, each bone is completely separated, and there are detailed instructions to help you understand the details of this model.   Feature: The disarticulated...
$185.99 $129.99
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RONTEN 6X Enlarged Human Eye Anatomical Model Accurate Eye Model
Contain Seven Parts : The upper and lower parts of the eye, the cornea, the iris, the lens, the vitreous, and the support. The sclera and part of the choroid musculature can also be observed.The anatomical model of the eyeball...
$59.98 $31.98
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RONTEN 70.8"Human Skeleton Model Life Size Anatomical Skeleton Model
Life Size Skeleton Model : The skeleton model is the height of human size and 70.8"(including the stand). It contains the skull, spine, sternum, pelvis, upper limbs, lower limbs, and other major skeletal structures, and other parts of the body...
$329.99 $217.99
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RONTEN Anatomy Foot Skeletal Model with Ankle Life Size Complete Foot Skeletal Model
Flexible Foot Joint Model:Showing all the bones of a right foot, such as fibula, tibia, tarsal, metatarsal, and phalanges. The ankle and Foot Joint model is connected by an elastic rope, Providing a full range of motion.Feature:Safe and durable material:...
$58.99 $28.99
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RONTEN Cervical Vertebra Model Life-Size Cervical Vertebra Anatomical Model
Life-Size Cervical Vertebra Model: In order to show a more realistic human cervical spine, our cervical spine model is life-size, which can clearly see the anatomical structure of the human cervical spine. Feature: Made of high-quality materials: Our cervical vertebra...
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RONTEN Dental Teeth Model Adult Anatomical Teeth Model with 28 Teeth Detachable Teeth
Teeth Model with 28 Teeth Detachable Teeth: In the life-size dental teeth model, the mouth can be opened, and the inside of the mouth can be observed more intuitively. The edges of the teeth are smooth, which can be safely...
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RONTEN Dental Tooth Brushing Model 6 Times Enlarged with Giant Brush
Dental Teeth Model with Toothbrush : The dental tooth model with a toothbrush provides a magnified study of the human mouth and teeth. This model is enlarged to offer a high-quality display of the oral cavity and to be used...
$54.99 $26.99
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RONTEN Female Pelvis Model with Organs Pelvic Floor Muscles and Reproductive Organs and Removable Organs
Female Pelvis Model with Muscle:This female pelvis shows anatomically accurate features, including the left and right innominate (hip) pelvic bones (ischium, ilium, and pubis), sacrum, coccyx and symphysis pubis, acetabulum, obturator foramen, pelvic floor muscles, and female pelvic organs. Includes...
$88.95 $58.95
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RONTEN Hand Joint Model Human Hand Skeleton Anatomical Model Showing Ulna and Radius
Hand Skeleton Joint Model: Shows hand bones, carpal bones, metacarpal bones, and phalanges, with joints, showing ulna and radius, wire articulation, and can move flexibly within a certain range Feature: Life-size model:1:1 life-size skeleton model, you can clearly observe the anatomy...
$56.99 $25.99
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RONTEN Hand Joint Model Human Hand Skeleton Anatomical Model with Muscle Starting and Ending Points
Hand Skeleton Anatomical Model: Display hand bones, carpal bones, metacarpal bones, phalanges, joints, with muscle starting and ending points, display ulna and radius, wire joints, and can move flexibly within a certain range  It can show the ulna and radius of...
$58.99 $33.99
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RONTEN Human Anatomical Knee Model Flexible Life-Size Knee Model
Life-Size Human Knee Joint Model : The Life-Size human knee joint with ligaments model is an anatomically accurate representation of the human knee joint and its connective ligaments. Our knee joint model is flexible and can be bent to demonstrate...
$58.98 $34.98
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RONTEN Human Colored Skull Model Life Size Exploded Anatomical Skull Model
Detachable 22-Part : This is a detachable colored skull model. and it has 7.67*5.9*5.11 inches and Includes 22 parts. The complex anatomical structure of the skull is easy to understand and visualize when it is disassembled into its 22 individual...
$188.99 $125.99
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RONTEN Human Elbow Joint Model Anatomy Model with Ligaments
Life-Size Model of Human Elbow Joint: the life-size human elbow model main anatomical structures such as ulna, radius, humerus, etc.Made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, odorless, durable, corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly, removable stand, portable, great teaching tool for classroom display...
$58.98 $29.98
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RONTEN Human Female Uterus Ovary Model Anatomical Bilateral Ovarian Uterus Model
Uterus Ovary Anatomical Model : This model shows the female internal reproductive anatomy in detail, including ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina and Bartholin glands, etc. It shows the three-layer structure of the uterus, the uterine cavity and vagina, the fornix,...
$48.99 $28.99
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RONTEN Human Foot Anatomy Model With 9 Detachable Parts With The Muscles Ligaments Nerves And Arteries
Detachable Foot Model:The human foot model consists of 9 detachable parts, including foot muscles, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels, etc. It perfectly shows the anatomy of the foot and is an ideal model for teaching and learning the anatomy of...
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RONTEN Human Half Head Superficial Neurovascular Model Anatomical Head Model
Half Head Superficial Neurovascular Model : This half-head model is a great addition to medical classrooms and offices. Including exposed superficial facial muscles, superficial blood vessels of the face and scalp, medial nerves and structures of the parotid gland and...
$98.99 $74.99
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