RONTEN 31" Human Flexible Spine Model Life Size Spinal Cord Model
Life-Size Spine Model : This human vertebrae model is a detailed, 31inch long spinal model with the pelvis, sacrum, and femur heads, vertebral artery, all nerve branches, and a herniated lumbar disc. Include representations of the vertebral arteries, spinal nerve...
$118.99 $76.99
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RONTEN 15.5" Human Mini Spine Model Mini Vertebral Column Model
Mini Human Spine Model: This anatomically detailed mini spinal column model includes the squama occipitalis and pelvis. The miniature vertebral column is flexibly mounted for demonstration of natural human movement and pathological changes to the spine and comes with a...
$45.95 $29.98
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RONTEN 34" Human Spine Model Life Size Spinal Cord Model Anatomical Spine Model
34 inch Life-Size Spine Model : Our spine model shows the main features of each part of the spine, including the occiput, 24 vertebrae, sacrum, coccyx, left and right hip bones, pubis, left and right femoral heads, removable left and...
$118.99 $75.98
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RONTEN Human Spine Model Life Size Colorful 34" Spine Model Flexible Spine Anatomical Model
Flexible Colored Spine Model: The human spine model includes cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx. Lumbar disc herniation with all red blood vessels and yellow nerve branches clearly visible, more similar to a real spine. Feature: The human spine anatomy...
$118.99 $75.99
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RONTEN Spine Model 16.5" Colorful Human Spine Anatomy Model
16.5" Color Human Spine : The colored human spine model is a 1/2 life-size model, made of high-quality PVC material, odorless, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, convenient, and durable.The cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacrum are marked with different colors. The model...
$56.99 $36.99
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RONTEN Lumbar Spine Model Lumbosacral Segment Model with A Herniated Disc At L4 and Spinal Nerves
Life Size Lumbar Spine Model: The human lumbar vertebrae model is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly material - polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is durable and corrosion-resistant and is a model that can be used for a long time. shows...
$56.98 $32.98
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RONTEN Cervical Vertebra Model Life-Size Cervical Vertebra Anatomical Model
Life-Size Cervical Vertebra Model: In order to show a more realistic human cervical spine, our cervical spine model is life-size, which can clearly see the anatomical structure of the human cervical spine. Feature: Made of high-quality materials: Our cervical vertebra...
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RONTEN Lumbar Disc Herniated Model Human Anatomical Lumbar Spine Model
Lumbar Disc Herniated Model: This model consists of two with a flexible disc, spinal cord, and nervous vertebrae, help a better understanding of lumbar disc protrusionIt can show the mechanism of injury of lumbar disc herniation. magnification 1.5x human IV...
$46.99 $23.99
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RONTEN Human Lumbar Disc Herniation Model Transparent Lumbar Spine Model
Transparent Lumbar Spine Model : The model of lumbar disc herniation and the transparent design makes it easy for you to point out the details to the patient. By compressing the soft disc to simulate a bulge or herniation, the...
$48.99 $24.99
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