RONTEN 17.7" Mini Size Human Skeleton Model Anatomical Skeleton Model
17.7" Mini Size Human Skeleton Model : This mini skeleton is sure to be your go-to table skeleton for your basic science education. At 17.7" tall, It is intuitive for system or regional anatomy.This model beautifully depicts the skeletal structure...
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RONTEN Mini 33" Half Size Human Skeleton Model Teaching Anatomy Skeleton Model
33" tall skeleton model : The 33"(85cm) tall skeleton represents the 200 bones that make up the human skeletal system, and the limbs can be moved to show an approximation of joint articulation.The skull features a movable jaw and a...
$98.96 $58.96
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RONTEN Human Skull Model Life Size Medical Anatomical Adult Model
Skull Composition: Includes a highly-detailed anatomical model of the human skull. Cast from real adult specimens, it provides students and educators with an accurate study of cranial anatomy and natural jawmovement.Detachable into 3 parts: skull, skull base, and mandible. The...
$56.98 $38.98
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RONTEN 70.8"Human Skeleton Model Life Size Anatomical Skeleton Model
Life Size Skeleton Model : The skeleton model is the height of human size and 70.8"(including the stand). It contains the skull, spine, sternum, pelvis, upper limbs, lower limbs, and other major skeletal structures, and other parts of the body...
$329.99 $217.99
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RONTEN 33.5" Human Skeleton Model 1/2 Life Size Skeleton Anatomy Model with Painted and Muscle Origins and Ends Points
1/2 Life-Size Anatomical Skeleton Model:The small human skeleton model is 33.5 inches high, made with half of the life-size skeleton as the standard, with precise details, it is a very suitable skeleton model for teaching, learning, and display.Feature:With muscle starting...
$125.99 $69.99
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RONTEN Life Size Human Skull Model Hand-Painted in Color Suture Line Skull Model
Hand-Painted in Color Suture Line Skull Model: it is separated into 3 pieces, the calvaria, base of the skull, and mandible can be separated. and also the suture line was hand-painted in color to make you distinguish the different areas...
$56.96 $38.96
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RONTEN Life-Size Human Brain Anatomical Model Colored Brain Model
8 parts of the brain : The model consists of 8 parts of the brain sagittal section, cerebral hemisphere, cerebellum, and brainstem, showing the cerebral hemisphere, diencephalon, cerebellum, brainstem midbrain, pons, medulla oblongata, cranial nerves, etc. The human brain model...
$65.98 $43.98
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RONTEN 67" Complete Disarticulated Human Skeleton Model Life Size Human Skeleton Anatomy Model
Complete Disarticulated Skeleton : Our disarticulated bone model is very complete, there are 206 bones in total, each bone is completely separated, and there are detailed instructions to help you understand the details of this model.   Feature: The disarticulated...
$185.99 $129.99
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RONTEN Life Size Didactic Human Anatomy Colored Skull Model with Cervical Vertebra
Life Size Colored Skull Model : ​​​The colored Life-Size didactic skull model is anatomically accurate for the skull. Cast from a real human specimen, this model is the perfect color-coded tool to gain a deeper understanding of the skull's anatomy....
$78.98 $45.98
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RONTEN 11 inch Teaching Model Torso Human Body Model Anatomy Model
15 Body Parts:  It comes with 15 parts, this removable human torso model demonstrates some vital organs. This human anatomy torso model Includes:1. Brain(2 parts), skull cap2. Torso3. Heart, Liver,4. Esophagus trachea and aorta5. Diaphragm6. Respiratory: lung (4 parts),7. Digestive:...
$59.98 $31.98
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RONTEN Human Heart Model Life Size Anatomically Medical Heart Model
It with Detailed Study Guide and Base Stand : The heart model is an anatomically correct representation of the human heart. The model features a removable heart wall to display internal structures, exposing the hollow cavity of the heart and...
$52.99 $36.99
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RONTEN Human Colored Skull Model Life Size Exploded Anatomical Skull Model
Detachable 22-Part : This is a detachable colored skull model. and it has 7.67*5.9*5.11 inches and Includes 22 parts. The complex anatomical structure of the skull is easy to understand and visualize when it is disassembled into its 22 individual...
$188.99 $125.99
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RONTEN Life Size Human Skull Model Anatomy Skull with Newest Laser-Etched Fonts
Skull Model with Newest Laser-Etched Fonts: The upgrade numbered anatomical skull model is improved by new laser-Etched technology to make the fonts & numbers engraved into the skull model permanently.The laser-Etched fonts & numbers will never be smudged while our...
$58.99 $38.99
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