RONTEN New Shoulder Joint Model with Muscle Life Size Human Anatomical Shoulder Ligament Model
Shoulder joint model with muscles: The scapula and humerus of the shoulder model are connected by an elastic rope, the elasticity can be controlled. And the humerus can be easily removed. It can help students better understand the structure of...
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RONTEN Life Size Right Foot and Ankle Skeletal Model Fully Articulated Medical Anatomical Model
Human Foot Bone Model:It clearly shows all of the skeletal anatomies of the foot, including portions of the tibia and fibula bonesFeature:Muscle origins and insertions hand-painted in red and blue:This help students to understand the muscle functions on bone and...
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RONTEN Hand Joint Model Human Hand Skeleton Anatomical Model Showing Ulna and Radius
Hand Skeleton Joint Model: Shows hand bones, carpal bones, metacarpal bones, and phalanges, with joints, showing ulna and radius, wire articulation, and can move flexibly within a certain range Feature: Life-size model:1:1 life-size skeleton model, you can clearly observe the anatomy...
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RONTEN Human Uterus and Ovary Model Pathological Uterus Anatomical Model
Pathological Uterus Anatomical Model: The life-size model, divided into 2 pieces along the front, shows important diseases in the female reproductive system. Including intramural, serosal, submucosal, and broad ligament fibroids and other uterine fibroids tumors are shown in the appropriate...
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RONTEN Female Pelvis Model with Organs Pelvic Floor Muscles and Reproductive Organs and Removable Organs
Female Pelvis Model with Muscle:This female pelvis shows anatomically accurate features, including the left and right innominate (hip) pelvic bones (ischium, ilium, and pubis), sacrum, coccyx and symphysis pubis, acetabulum, obturator foramen, pelvic floor muscles, and female pelvic organs. Includes...
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RONTEN Human Lumbar Disc Herniation Model Transparent Lumbar Spine Model
Transparent Lumbar Spine Model : The model of lumbar disc herniation and the transparent design makes it easy for you to point out the details to the patient. By compressing the soft disc to simulate a bulge or herniation, the...
$48.99 $24.99
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RONTEN Human Elbow Joint Model Anatomy Model with Ligaments
Life-Size Model of Human Elbow Joint: the life-size human elbow model main anatomical structures such as ulna, radius, humerus, etc.Made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, odorless, durable, corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly, removable stand, portable, great teaching tool for classroom display...
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